Wednesday, October 1, 2008

October 2008 Fundraising: Alaxpacha Group

For the month of October, 10% of HINT's profits will go towards micro-financing a loan on Kiva for the Alaxpacha Group.  These women from Bolivia are requesting a loan of $3,350.00 to enrich their growing textile business. Knitting garments from alpaca, these industrious women sell their wares at stores and craft fairs in the city of La Paz. The Alaxpacha Group want to take their business one step further and start exporting beautiful knitted garments to other Bolivian cities and foreign countries. In order to make the leap into international commerce, they need a loan to purchase enough materials and training to help make the transition.

I'm really inspired by the spirit of these women coming together as a group as well as the meaning behind their name Alaxpacha: "from beyond space, sky." Click here to see the Kiva entrepreneurs that HINT Jewelry Design has supported.