Friday, January 2, 2009

January 2009: Dharma Rain Zen Center

"Refuge of Buddha is bright, spacious clarity; peace of mind, original Mind. Refuge of Dharma is acceptance of, and insight into, events and conditions, just as they are. Refuge of Sangha is true kinship in clarity, belonging, knowing, and taking our place in harmonious community."

- Kyogen & Gyokuko Carlson, Dharma Rain Zen Center

Several weeks ago I received a letter from the Dharma Rain Zen Center in Portland, Oregon, asking for donations to help support their school and prison ministry program. I was so touched by their invitation because it would allow me the opportunity to make these refuges available to an expanded community. For the month of January 2009, HINT Jewelry will be celebrating the coming peace and brightness of the New Year by donating 10% of its profits to the Dharma Rain Zen Center.

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