Tuesday, September 1, 2009

September & October 2009: SHARE Breast and Ovarian Cancer Hotline

September and October are months that bring awareness to ovarian and breast cancer. Pink usually gets top billing for breast cancer research and advocacy; however, one of the most silent diseases that could affect women is spearheaded by the Ovarian Cancer National Alliance with the color teal. Ovarian cancer symptoms are so vague that it makes the push for early detection seem much more crucial. To support both of these causes during the months of September and October, Hint Jewelry Design will be donating 10% of all profits to SHARE, a non-profit organization run by survivors of breast and ovarian cancer that helps support and educate women. Their programs include toll free hotlines (English and Spanish), education, support groups, and advocacy.

Difficulty asking for help seems to be a universal theme for women, so just knowing there exists a group of women who are willing to get on the phone and offer clear information, support, and guidance feels incredibly reassuring to me. If you have been diagnosed or you know someone who has, check out the SHARE hotline and feel supported by an incredible community of women.